With summer at our door steps, you may want to invest in some quality time with your kids. In a household full of testosterone, laser tag may just seem like an ideal way to shed off some calories. It shifts the focus from smartphones and video games to a more physically engaging activity that builds on collaboration, strategic thinking and is extremely fun. Laser tag toys also cuts across all age groups and are considered an excellent team building game.

For the 21st century kids, laser tag toys mean everything. As a parent with a nagging ten-year-old, it might be the right time to grab a set. But with no clue on where to start, an extra pair of hands will do you good. To help you out, we have narrowed down abroad array of options to the top five best laser tag toys for kids. Here is a quick review on each item.

A List Of The Best Laser Tag Toys For Kids

ImageProduct NameFeatureFeaturePriceRating
Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 PackAllows scalability of fellow blasters4 different blast settings$$$
Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player SystemHigh-tech gaming systemEnhanced user experience with the LCD HUD units$
Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-PackTwo player system that is scalableBlasters register hits with sound, light and vibration effects$
Nerf A0419 Lazer Tag Set, Twin PackFeatures a laser tag appGreat for team play$$
Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser TagFirst spaceship laser tag systemDisplays intergalactic sounds and vibrations when hit$

Reviews of the Top Laser Tag Toys For Kids

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack - overall best laser tag toy for kids

Conventional laser tag toys rely on additional vest gear for the gaming system to fully work. Ideally you get two devices; one for shooting and one for registering the shot. Unfortunately this structure weighs the game. Luckily, new game designers are coming up with systems that incorporate the two in one, sidelining the need of game vests.  The final outcome is a laser tag gun that registers both as a shooting and target device. On such gaming system includes the Legacy laser tag set.

Heighten your laser tag experience with the Legacy 4pack Multiplayer laser tag set designed for kids. This gaming system requires zero additional gear for functionality. However, it allows room for scalability with no limits on team size. Players have four different team settings – they can play on the same team or as individuals with everyone a potential target for others.

This laser tag game system comes in a sleek casing that sweetens the deal. Inside are four differently colored laser tag blasters. These blasters can be programmed in different blast settings which include a variety of range requirements, stoppage power, and reload times. The blast settings comprise of piston, shotgun, missile launcher, and submachine gun each with its own ammunition level and amount of shot you can fire at a go.

The blaster reloads every time you tap its hinds. You will also be notified by a voice prompt saying that the toy blaster is ready to fire. When hit your health indicator slowly diminishes. Both the blaster settings and team settings can be interchangeable on each blaster. This means that you can buy endless set of blasters and they will all work together.


  • Allows scalability of fellow blasters
  • Fairly priced
  • 4 different blast settings
  • Allows individual player settings and team player settings
  • Easy to use
  • Minus vest gear
  • Includes a voice prompt when fully loaded.
  • High rate of satisfied customers.
  • Stylish protective casing
  • Single blaster, two-pack available


  • Limiting range
  • When bought separately tends to cost more


The Legacy 4 multiplayer set makes a great entry-level laser tag set with lots of features, sound and lighting effects. These blasters can be played outdoors or in a large room within a maximum range of 40metres. They are also available in two-pack and as individual blasters.

The two player set comes with blue and white blasters while this four pair set comes in red, blue, white and green blasters. These blasters are reasonably sophisticated yet simple in design. Ideal for kids aged ten and above with minor exceptions for the juniors aged below the bracket limit.

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Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player System

Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player System - overall best laser tag set

Another great laser tag set is the Hasbro Ops Deluxe player system. It is twice the fun thanks to the double laser tag blasters, HUD LCD units, and over ten pre-programmed game modes. It also gives players the liberty to customize their game experience.

The Heads up Display (HUD) screen glasses give you real-time tactical overhead as you get real time visual and audio feedback. This unit enhances your overall experience with their cool-like feel.

The Hasbro Ops Deluxe player system comes in a packaging that comprises of two multi-colored taggers, instructions, two HUD units, stickers and two connector cables. Its price range is quite high causing parents to dig deeper into their pockets.


  • High-tech gaming system
  • Easy controls
  • Enhanced user experience with the LCD HUD units
  • Non-inclusive of vest gears.
  • Long range coverage
  • Features audio and visual real time feedbacks
  • Scalable laser tag system to allow large group play.


  • Requires 6AA and 12AA batteries for each blaster that are non-inclusive
  • Quite pricy
  • Team talk system purchased separately


Hasbro laser tag sets are ideal for kids looking for the tactical field kind of experience. Though highly priced, they feature sophisticated player settings that cover up the expenses. These laser sets are perfect for kids aged eight and above.

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Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack

laser tag toys

With a Nerf Phoenix LTX tagger, your seven-year-old can actualize the call-off-duty game. Built with the similar design principle as all other Nerf blasters, the tagger comes with a preinstalled sensor mechanism that registers any blast sustained by the LTX. You will get a tactile feedback, an indication of being hit by your opponent.

This laser tag system mimics the recoil effect emitted by real power machine guns every time the gun makes a shot. Its force field feature allows kids to momentarily shield themselves for better aiming at their rivals from a far distance.

The Nerf Phoenix LTX serves as both sensor and tagger. It features a range of blaster settings that vary from the simplest mode of play to combat style games. Children can play in teams or as individuals, each acting as a target head.

The interactive sound and illumination effects tend to grab the attention of most kids as they elevate the whole laser tag experience. This system relies on 6AAA batteries, so it would be wise to grab an extra pack for the long short.

The Phoenix LTX laser tag system comes with a video game module. This module allows you to battle yourself on the TV when friends are out of reach or when forced to stay within the four corners of your room.

The pinpoint sight attachment gives you excellent aiming that turns you into a professional sniper. The packaging comes with a dual set of LTX taggers, one video game module, two pinpoint sight targeting units, and two short blast attachments.


  • Two player system that is scalable
  • Blasters register hits with sound, light and vibration effects
  • Taggers easily connect with one another


  • Expensive


As a company dedicated to children entertainment, Nerf has released some sophisticated toy guns that are hard to resist. The latest line of Phoenix LTX laser tag systems, is an upgrade of the previous models. This gaming system features easy controls for your little one. Even though overly priced, it makes a good selection for combat like experiences for ten-year-olds.

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Nerf A0419 Lazer Tag Set, Twin Pack

laser tag game set

Nerf A0419 laser tag set comes in a twin pack for your child and his friend. It allows you to play in team campaign, solo campaign and multiplayer battle. You can download the laser tag app on your smartphone and begin battling aliens and space monsters together with your opponents thanks to the augument reality feature. The packaging comes with two laser taggers and iPhone cradles.


  • Features a laser tag app
  • Ideal for older kids aged 12 and above
  • Great for team play
  • Works well even without the laser tag app as the augmented reality is just an added advantage of the system
  • Enhanced user experience thanks to the augmented reality feature


  • Relies on 12AA batteries that are non-inclusive
  • Must be compatible with your iPhone type when playing if you want the augmented reality feature.


Nerf A0419 Laser Tag Set, Twin Pack is an exceptional laser tag system that is great for older kids who want extra play with advanced features. This system allows you to incorporate the use of your iPhone by downloading pits laser set app.

Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag

Best Laser Tag toys

The Discovery Kids Spaceship laser tag system features a simple design that makes it great for five-year-olds. It contains two laser taggers that are either bright green or orange in color. The laser toy gun comes minus all the fancy features found in expensive laser tag systems.

The hand tags feature adjustable straps that can fit both parent and child. To spice up the game, these two spaceship tag sets feature intergalactic sound effects and vibration. You can upgrade your pay set by investing in more spaceship taggers that automatically sync.

The set rely on 6AAA batteries for power.


  • First spaceship laser tag system
  • Displays intergalactic sounds and vibrations when hit
  • Designed for younger kids
  • Less complicated controls
  • Great entry level laser tag gun


  • Rely on non-inclusive 6AAA batteries
  • Less sophisticated features


The Spaceship laser tag from discovery kids resembles an oversized watch that fits both parent and child. It acts as both a sensor and target system. Overall it is an amazing laser tag for your five-year-old.

Parting Word:

Want to give your child the special-Ops kind of feel? Then try investing in any of our reviewed laser tag sets. They will keep your ten-year-olds fully engaged away from the computer screens. You will also get a chance to bond and strengthen your relationship.