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Best Nerf Gun Accessories: When A Nerf Weapon Is Not Enough

Nerf Accessories

Owning a Nerf gun is simply a start on an exciting journey of thrilling blasting action. But for a heightened experience, you need to invest in other Nerf accessories. These add-ons range from the small muzzle extensions to the very large sophisticated walkie talkies. They are manufactured by both Hasbro and other affiliated companies.

Nerf accessories only compliment, they don’t change the core blaster performance. They don’t impact the darts speed and range. If you are looking enhancement your Nerf gun blaster’s performance, better invest in a modifier kit.

Each year new Nerf gun accessories are released into the market. The most common Nerf gun accessories include blaster tactical vests, magazines and drums, barrel extensions and shoulder stocks. But there is so much more beyond these simple add-ons. Try investing in some of the highlighted top ten Nerf gun accessories. We have factored in everything that makes each item a great selection. For more lets begin!

A List Of The Best Nerf Gun Accessories

Product Name
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Ammo: 12-dart clip

Range of 75 feet

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Retaliator blaster can be built in 4 configurations and fires Elite Darts 90 feet

Removable stock helps you steady your shot, or you can remove the stock with the flip of a switch

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Set includes two walkie talkies

Keep in touch within 1000 feet, Morse Code button on the front of each

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Each warlike talkie contains a flexible safety antenna, push-to-talk button, built-in speaker and on/off switch

Clips attach easily to your belt or pants

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Compatible Vest: Elite tactical vest are compatible for most of nerf n-strike elite and nerf n-strike series.Loops features with well elasticity,accessories could keep steady.

Carrying Most Ammos: Reload elite darts quicker. Stored extra 12 refill bullets in dart storage loops. Loading 2 mags by strap,all design are compatible for nerf accessries (Not included clips and darts.)

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Elite tactical vest let you carry lots of extra firepower and ammo, maximize your firepower. Help you quickly reload your ammo and fight back

Vest features refill Darts Storage Pockets for extra ammo, features Clip Straps for extra quick reload clips, and store up to 16 extra darts in the Dart Storage Loops

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Load up with the 10 Official Nerf Mega Whistler Darts

Bigger darts for bigger battles

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Come with 1 Tactical Waist Bag, 2 Dart Wrister, 10 Blue Suction Darts and 10 Different Colors Darts

Made in the USA or Imported

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Features a very high dart capacity for firing one dart at a time or in blasts

Color: Orange and Gray

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Firefly Mission Kit adds glow-in-the-dark power to any Clip System blaster (sold separately)

Official Nerf Firefly Tech clip charges 18 glow darts

If the Accessories is not what you are looking for but the actual weapons, have a look at our review of the Best Nerf Machine Guns.

Best Nerf Blaster Secondary

What do you do when the main blaster is empty? You hope and pray that you brought a secondary blaster. This can prove invaluable and hold you down when using the main blaster is not an option.

The best blaster secondary should be able to replace the main blaster when need be and somewhat compact. The last thing you need is carrying huge, bulky blaster. On that note, here the best secondary blasters.

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Ammo: 12-dart clip

This secondary blaster has priming slide priming mechanism and a range of 75 feet, which is the standard. The Retaliator receiver is quite capable, thanks to its standalone clip-fed pistol blaster. None of the other attachments are required for this to occur. In other words, the Elite Retaliator is the single smallest clip-fed blaster you’ll find on the market.

Nerf Guns

Perhaps the best thing about this secondary blaster is it has a versatile design and adds a lot of functionality to your Nerf gun. It the most multi-faceted in the Elite series and is quite simple to use. You just have to push the priming slide to use this blaster.

And while the cocking slide may prove inefficient, the good news is that this can be avoided when using it as a pistol. As the accuracy drops a bit without the extended barrel.

As far as ergonomics and design go, the Elite Retaliator is right up there. Care has been given to the minute details, it is good to hold and looks intimidating to your opponents. On the downside, it has a weird trigger pull mechanism and the accuracy is subpar at best.

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Ammo: 12-dart quick reload clip

Powered by four AA batteries and with a range of up to 75 feet, this Nerf secondary has a compact, bullup SMG design. This means that the magazine and action are physically located aft of the trigger region. This allows for less weight as well as shorter overall gun length. The lack of Firely Tech clip eliminates the weight of three AA batteries not to mention the more sizeable 18 dart clip.

new nerf guns

The Rayven Stinger version of the Elite series is more than just a pretty face. It is probably the most comfortable secondary blaster on the market thanks to its compact dimensions, rearward weight distribution as well as easy maneuverability. Where this blaster really excels is the rate of fire. This bad boy can empty twelve darts as short a time as 2.5seconds.

While it is in some ways similar to the regular Rayven, the main difference is that it doesn’t have any of the gimmicky, glow in the dark stuff. The only downside is that the trigger is more difficult to pull. In addition, it doesn’t come with a stock attachment point.

Yes, this secondary blaster has a flaw or two. However, it does help you out when the main blaster isn’t an option.

Best Nerf Walkie Talkies

The key to winning Nerf wars is communication and Nerf Walkie Talkies can help with that. There are two main variations of Nerf walkie talkies available on the market. Both are powered by 9V AA batteries and comes with Morse code buttons for communicating when circumstances don’t allow your team to talk loudly.

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The 2013 version of the Nerf Walkie Talkie comes in a set of two and allows your team to communicate clearly as long as you are within a range of 1000 feet. The Morse code button at the front of each walkie talkie makes things easier when you can’t talk loudly.

The rugged sporty design makes it a great accessory for various outdoor games including tag. It also comes with an on/off button as well as built in clip on the back. This walkie talkie is powered by 9-volt batteries, to be purchased separately. It is great for people who are on the go anyone above the age of five.

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While it has many similarities to the 2013 edition, the 2015 comes with plenty of improvements and hence is more expensive. Like its predecessor, this comes in a set of two and is powered by 9 volt AA batteries.

It produces far less static and works great within a 10 mile radius. Each walkie talkie has a push to talk button, on/off switch as well as a built-in-speaker. The clips allow you to attach the gadget to your pants or belt. It’s suitable for anyone aged five and above.

Best Nerf Tactical Vest

Contrary to what one may think, Nerf tactical vests are not designed to provide safety because darts can’t really hurt you on impact. However, they do come in handy when you need to store sufficient firepower for Nerf wars.

They provide plenty of storage space and the best thing is that unlike walkie talkies, there are plenty of options out there available for purchase. Our favorites include the Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest and Newisland Men’s Adjustable Tactical Vest.

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Since you will be wearing this with plenty of stuff attached, you certainly need to be comfortable. To that measure, it is constructed with soft material and the Velcro doesn’t cause any problems.

The weight is fairly balanced even after attaching darts and blasters. It provides sufficient space to store extra supplies and the adjustable straps make this tactical vest a great option for anyone from an eight year old to a 50-year old.

On the issue of functionality, you can attach up to 12 darts with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest. There is also enough space to attach up to two loaded clips. And while there is space for additional loaded clips, the vest gets inconvenient if you add more. The additional space can be used for accessories like blasters. With such amount of storage, this is an absolute hit with kids and Nerf enthusiasts.

All in all, Nerf has designed this vest for tactical situations and it certainly delivers on comfort as well as functionality. The material is comfortable and space is used perfectly. The price isn’t that steep and what’s even better is that it can fit almost any person thanks to the adjustable straps.

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This is a sturdy tactical vest that is constructed using thickening Oxford fabric which is known for airiness as well as superior comfort. This material is also easy to wash and dry. In addition, it has been tested for durability and safety. Another notable feature is that this vest comes with an adjustable Velcro strap. This allows a comfortable fit for anyone, regardless of size or age.

The vest has dart storage loops that allow you to carry up to twelve extra darts to Nerf wars. The purchase doesn’t include clips or refill bullet darts. It is a stronger paste up from the CS field vest as it provides superior freedom and convenient.

The fact that it is made from a breathable material means that one doesn’t have to worry about too much sweating in the field. The price is great and the vest makes for a good birthday or Christmas gift for someone who loves the

Best Nerf Darts

You can never have enough nerf darts as the last thing you want is to run out of ammo in the middle of a nerf war. Without extra darts, you’d be forced to start collecting the ones you already used.

The good news is there are variety of nerf darts available and the bigger the pack, the cheaper they are. Unlike real life guns, there are no restrictions as to what darts you can use with specific nerf guns.

There are, however, a few exceptions including Mega darts which can only be used with Mega guns. Others like Accustrike, Suction, Modulus, Elite, Doomland, Zombie Strike, Alien Menace and Rebelle can be used interchangeably.

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The Nerf Elite Darts are compatible with N-Strike clips and drums. And despite their ability to be used in Streamline Dart Clips, these have many differences compared to their predecessor.

Such include a different color scheme, better compatibility and weigh 1.3 grams. When it comes to performance, the Elite darts shoot further as compared to Streamlines. They also provide better accuracy and have a range of 75 feet.

While Elite Darts are an improvement on the predecessor, they still suffer from aerodynamic issues. The tiny hole at the head of each dart is the main reason for this problem.

When fired from a blaster, a considerable amount of force due to air resistance pushes against the head of the dart. This forces the air inside of the tip out through the hole. As such, the dart head compresses and this distorts the shape. This creates imbalance making it impossible for the dart to stabilize midair. This design flaw affects trajectory and leads to inaccuracy.

Best Nerf Storage unit

A true Nerf gun junky always carries backup blasters and ammo for a prolonged combat action. He relies on the capabilities of an elite storage unit that accommodates his entire arsenal. With such a dependable system, he is ever ready for a sneak attack.

There are plenty of storage systems, each adaptable for a specific Nerf gun and ammo. The most common ones are designed for N-Strike Elite blasters. Why? N-Strike Elite blasters feature a compact solid design unlike the Mega Mega and Zombie strike edition.

One great storage option you can rely on is the:

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In a heated engagement, you don’t want stubborn zippers getting in your way when accessing extra ammo. You need the agility that comes with the Little Valentine Waist-bag and Wrister. Specially designed to mimic real life assault pack, the Little Valentine Waist-bag handles loads up extra firepower and ammo.

You can carry your backup armor in the waist-bag and fasten it to your midriff for easy access. The waste-bag features adjustable straps that fit kids under 14-years and below. The Wrister carries a maximum of eight darts (both suction and elite) on the go.

This Nerf gun storage system comes in a stylish black shade. With zero compromise on quality, this storage unit is designed with safe, high grade materials.

The Valentine Waist-bag and Wrister is combat tested for robustness. However, little is known about its warranty but you can request for it on Nerf official site.

For a limited price of not more than 15 dollars, grab one for your 12-year-old Nerf enthusiast. Overall, as an accessory, the Valentine Waist-bag and Wrister make a great storage solution when out on the Nerf battlefield.

Best additional Nerf magazines and drums

An extra pack of magazine or drum that is preloaded will save you recharge time when in a zombie verses humans action packed battle. Most Nerf blasters come with either a limited mag of 8 dart hold or the mega 35 darts storage. If your blaster falls on the lower end, an upgrade would do the trick. But even with the mighty 35 darts storage an extra preloaded drum won’t hurt.

Most accessory Nerf drums and magazines are compatible with a wide range of Nerf blasters that are clip fed. If your blaster falls under the N-Strike, N-strike elite, Rebelle, Doomland, Alien Menace, Modulus and the Zombie Strike edition, you can interchange the drums and magazines with other blasters falling on this bracket list.

Nerf blasters also allow you to interchange your drum for a magazine or the reverse. Whichever the case, it is important to select a durable high capacity drum or magazine such as the:

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Substitute your six-dart magazine with a more capable drum blaster that holds a maximum of thirty-five darts on the go. It modified to fit most of the major Nerf blaster series the likes of N-strike elite, Mega Mega, Doomland, and Zombie Strike.

Adorned in a bright orange and grey, the Nerf 35-dart capacity drum carries enough ammunition power to stop your enemy in time. It fits any regular Nerf blasters that allow clips.

nerf games

This dart drum weighs one pound and is 10.3 x 8 x 4.8 inches. It is made is of high quality plastic material for durability purposes. You can buy it online on major leading stores for a reasonable price. Warranty is not guaranteed for this product as it comes as a supplement for the original Nerf blaster drum.

Note that this drum blaster comes minus the thirty-five darts which are bought independently.

You can also go for the smaller sized elite 25 round ammo drum clip magazine. It features the same highlights as the 35-capacity drum but with a difference in price range. Its best suited for smaller blasters or individuals who want a smaller yet big capacity clip drum.

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Another great upgrade for your blasters firing capacity is the N-Strike elite series firefly kit pack. It fits most Nerf gun blasters of the N-Strike series.

The Firefly mission kit features a glow-in-the-dark system for an enjoyable experience when playing in low light intensity. This supplementary magazine with a clip mechanism charges eighteen glow darts at a go. Its packaging comes with the magazine and the included 18 darts for your Nerf blaster.

The N-Strike Elite series Firefly mission kit pack features a luminous green magazine with eighteen white darts that glow in the dark. The magazine has a decorative firefly logo that acts a trademark and for easy identification.

This magazine is 13 x 10 x 1.7 inches in dimension and weighs 7.2 pounds. The substitute magazine is fairly priced for everyone to enjoy.

You can also switch to the Nerf Modulus Flip Clip Upgrade Kit that holds twenty-four darts on the go. It comes with the flip-clip, 24 darts and instruction set. However, this kit is only compatible with modulus firing blasters systems that are clip enabled.


Nerf accessories

Nerf accessories are designed to elevate your gaming experience. They complement your firearms without altering its desired performance rate. Depending on your taste, try investing in any of the featured top ten Nerf gun accessories. You are sure to have a more authentic experience.

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