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Best RC Trucks: These Trucks Are Put Through Their Paces

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For many of us, remote controlled trucks were the only thing that qualified one as the coolest kid on the block. Otherwise known as RC trucks, these toys were characterized by ugly lights, bright bodies and freakishly loud sounds or music.

You’d think that such characteristics would make them a no-no for many but it is the same features that take us down memory lane to a simpler time in our childhood when we would gather in the evenings to show off our new toys.

If you thought that RC trucks are only limited to rowdy boys or have passed their prime, think again. Over the years, they have grown to become a favorite playtime companion for many. Thanks to manufacturers who are going the extra mile to provide unique advancements and amazing changes, remote controlled trucks are making quite the comeback.

To give you a clearer insight into the world of these monstrous toys, I will explore everything there is to know about them including recommended models and a buying guide.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A RC Truck?

Whether top rated or not, expensive or cheap, all RC trucks have some benefits to users. That said, here are a few reasons why you need to purchase one:

  • Bond: The best RC trucks are a great bonding tool for families and friends. For parents, observing their introvert children get out their shell when a neighborhood kid asks about their new toy is a great joy.
  • Entertainment: This is perhaps the biggest advantages of these monstrous trucks. They are a great way to keep kids active and entertained, without spending a lot of money.
  • Multipurpose: Many RC trucks are more than just toys. Some high-end models feature cameras and are a strong enough to carry food for caged animals, speed through shallow water and more.
  • Educational: As unlikely as it may sound, the constant front, back, left and right movement helps children build spatial skills, coordination and coordination skills. In addition, kids learn how to better take care of their possessions, thus making them more responsible.

A List Of The 10 Best RC Trucks

Product Name
Traxxas 58034-1 Slash

Made using only the highest quality components

Titan® 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor with XL-5 Waterproof ESC

RC cars under 50Tamiya TAM58372 Tamiya 58372 Ford F350

Durable ladder frame chassis features steel channel and resin cross members for high strength

3-speed transmission allows gear changing and realistic low-speed driving

RC cars under 50Velocity Toys Speed Spark

Monster Truck RC, 6x6 Style Setup, 3 Wheels on Each Side, Off-Road

FULL FUNCTION STEERING CONROL (Go Forward and Backward, Turn Left and Right) 6x6 Style Setup

RC cars under 50Traxxas 36054-1 Stampede

Made using only the highest quality components

Titan® 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor with XL-5 Waterproof ESC

RC cars under 50Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy

This is a NITRO vehicle that requires nitro fuel, glow plug ignitor (recommended 80142a)

2.67cc (.16) NItro Engine with Pull Start

RC cars under 50Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX

Electric Brushed 27T 540 Motor, Four Wheel Drive, High Torque Servo

Polycarbonate Body, Aluminum Capped Oil Filled Shocks

RC cars under 50Axial SCX10 Deadbolt 4x4

Trail-tough and fully equipped, for unstoppable off-road adventure

27T motor supplies plenty of power, and an included slipper clutch lets the motor work more efficiently and enhances drivetrain durability

RC cars under 50Traxxas 37054 Rustler Truck

TQ 2.4GHz Radio System

Waterproof Electronics For All-Weather Driving Excitement In Water, Mud And Snow

RC cars under 50Velocity Toys GDX-AB TNT Machine

Features: Manufactured by Velocity Toys! Electric Powered (Rechargeable) Full Function! (Go Forward and Backward, Turn Left and Right)

BIG 1:10 Scale! PRO 2.4GHz Radio Control System for Uninterrupted, Interference-Free Driving! Capable of Driving in Virtually Any Terrain!

RC cars under 50ZC Offroad Truck

4WD RC Car,more stable and faster than 2WD car,Powerful motor,Speed 12.4 MPH,real experience;1:18 Scale Size

Full Function Pro Steering! Go Forward,Backward,Turn Left and Right; Adjustable Front Wheel Alignment;Perfect for outdoor use and Racing!

As some of these models are a bit on the pricy side, you might be more interested in their under $50 counter parts
We also have something for those who were looking for something on the fast side of things. Fastest RC Trucks and Fastest RC Cars
Traxxas Slash 4x4 Short Course Racing Trucking

If you are in the market for a racing truck that can handle dirt roads, grass, mud, dirt clods and anything else that comes its way; the Traxxas Slash 4x4 may be just what you need. Out of the box, this truck is wrapped in plastic to prevent dings and scratches during shipping. The body is clear and one can put any pattern or color they want on it. For extra power and customization, you get to choose your own battery, transmitter as well as receiver.

The Slash 4x4 is constructed using polycarbonate, which is known for abrasion resistance and durability. Being a 4-wheel drive, this RC truck offers more traction than a 2-wheel truck. The 4WD design also allows for more control in the air. As for the charge time, this truck can get up to 60 miles an hour depending on the combination of battery, transmitter and receiver used.

If you want a closer look at a few other Traxxas models, we have an article just for you - Best Traxxas RC Cars and Trucks.

Other notable features of the Traxxas Slash 4x4 include:
  • Adjustable, silicon-filled differential and sway bars allowing you to customize the truck depending on the track you will be running on.
  • A rigid chassis with a low center of gravity
  • The electronics are waterproof and have low voltage protection
  • Hard-adonized, PTFE-coated aluminum GTR shocks have titanium nitride-coated shafts
  • Blue anodized 6061-T6 aluminum C-hubs, axle nuts, rear hub carriers and steering blocks
RC cars under 50Rc trucks

This amazing remote controlled truck from Tamiya weighs 4.4 pounds and is packed with many useful features. High strength is particularly important in the world of RC driving and to ensure this, Timaya incorporates a durable ladder frame, resin cross members as well as a steel channel.

The three-speed transmission allows for realistic low-speed driving as well as easy gear change. It is also a great contender when it comes to off-road driving. The main advantages include durability, 4 wheel drive for increased traction and 3-speed transmission. On the downside, this vehicle is not ready-to-race. One has to purchase the running battery, transmitter, charger and ECS separately.

RC cars under 50Best RC Trucks

The electric 6- wheeler comes with everything that you need to start racing right away, which cannot be said for most RC trucks. Despite its monstrous size, it only weighs a little over 3 pounds. Its full function controls make racing easy. The semi-pneumatic tires and off-road wheels allow you to race anywhere without worrying about damage. On matters of speed, it can reach up to 10 miles an hour.

One of the best things about the Speed Sparks Monster Truck is that comes with a rechargeable battery pack. The high gloss paint job looks really beautiful against the working headlights, semi-pneumatic rubber tires and front crash bumper.

We also have a few more Velocity Toy RC Trucks and Buggies

RC cars under 50Traxxas RC Truck

This monster truck from Traxxas is a 4WD that makes for a great beginner choice. Its trail tuned differentials and tall ground clearance make it a superior contender for off-road adventures. It comes with Chevron 2.8 inch tires with foam inserts and weighs almost 6 pounds.

Like other Traxxas products, this one has waterproof electronics so that you can use it in any weather. The four-wheel drive design provides plenty of traction and makes the truck a great option for off-road driving. The Stampeded Monster RC Truck comes with the patented TSM technology, which combined with the other features make for a great bashing monster.

It also comes with several useful tools and accessories including NiMH battery charger, Battery hold down, Preloads spacers and shock pistols, optional 17-tooth pinion gear, 4-way wrench, 8/4mm wrench, U-joint wrench and more.

RC cars under 50RC buggy

The Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy is an off-the-road truck that is designed to handle all kinds of rough conditions. With single speed transmission, pull start Vertex VX.16 engine as well as 4WD; it is safe to say that it goes like a bullet and is as tough as nails.

The single speed transmission combined with a 2.5mm 6061 anodized aluminum chassis, capped oil filled shocks as well as composite brakes make this model durable, reliable and easy to use. The 2.4GHz control unit is easy to use. It has a good ground clearance of 26mm, which helps improve speed and performance.

The design includes great looking frames and attractive paint job. On the downside, it is easy to cook the engine with the high-speed needle.

If you are interested in a few more Redcat Racing Models have a look at our - Best Redcat Racing RC cars and trucks article.

RC cars under 50Electric RC truck

The Volcano EPX from Red Cat is one of the best sellers ready-to-run RC trucks on the market. It looks amazing and can get up to 20mph, which is not common for electric RC trucks. It is powered by an electric 27T 540 motor, which provides great speed for such a low-priced toy.

The aluminum capped oil filled shocks, high torque servo as well as 4WD help improve control especially when you need it to stick to the ground. The body is constructed using polycarbonate, known for durability and lightweight. The electrical components are waterproof and weatherproof.

Also included in the package is a 7.2v 1800mAh NiMH and charger. You, however, need to purchase 8AA batteries for the radio control separately.

RC cars under 50Electric RC Trucks

Axial Racing is a big name in the world of remote controlled cars and trucks. This particular model is the latest SCX10 and its design is part buggy and part truck. It looks impressive and is highly detailed.

The Deadbolt features plastic front bumper with aluminum skid plates, plastic modeled cage in the back an steel c-channel ladder frame. Other features include a 4-link rear suspension that helps with speed, strong axles and WB8 Wild Boar driveshafts.

The truck is powered by the Axial 27T motor, which allows for plenty of speed for cutting through obstacles along its path. The 1.9 Ripsaw tires have a thick tread which comes in handy during off-road driving.

RC cars under 50Top RC Trucks

The main selling factor of this truck is it is a 1/10 stadium racer with great features. The electronic components are all waterproof, thus allowing all-weather driving. It also comes with Traxxas’ Power Cell 7-Cell NiMH battery.

It tops out at 35mph and the slipper clutch under the body that allows for consistent traction control. The three drive profiles make it easy for newbies and young drivers to develop their skills before unleashing the full force of the Titan 12T motor. Like most models on this list, this one is RTR i.e. ready to use. The advantages have to do with durability and heavier chassis.

RC cars under 50Best RC Truck

Despite a ridiculous website design, Velocity Toys makes really cool RC trucks. Among them is the GDX-AB TNT Machine which can hit speeds of up to 15mph, a great speed for remote controlled truck.

It is controlled using a 1:18 scale, 2.24GHz radio that’s easy to use the thick tires, vibrant colors and cool design are a clear indication that this is more than just a toy. It can be driven on most terrains including sand, snow, mud and rocks. Unfortunately, the remote leaves much to be desired and the quality isn’t very good.

RC cars under 50Best RC Trucks

If you are looking for an RC truck that is purely off-road and can withstand rough riving, the Zhencheng Electric RC Off-Raid Truck is a good bet. It is 1:18 of scale with 2.4 GHz. The four wheel drive only weighs one pound and has adjustable front wheel alignment and full function steering.

Combined, the above features allow the ZC Electric to take on almost any terrains including sand, water, gravel and stone. Another advantage of this truck is that it’s controlled with an easy-to-use radio. On the downside, the battery has less run time.

Best RC trucks

How To Choose RC Trucks

RC trucks are the modern age type of fun for most people. They can be radio or remote controlled as they have a frequency link connected to them that allows the user to control them from a distance. There are many variables that are to be considered when choosing these kinds of trucks and they include the following.

Types Of RC Trucks

As it is in the case of other RC cars, boats and tanks, there are many types of RC trucks which include the following:

  • Off-road RC trucks: These types usually have high suspensions that allow them to clear bumpy roads and rough terrains. They are best suited for dirt roads, rough surfaces and off-road adventures.
  • Ready to run (RTR) RC trucks: they are also termed as ready to use trucks. They can be used just after removing them from their boxes and they make the best gifts for people. They save the user the trouble of assembling it by themselves.
  • Nitro RC trucks: they run on nitro fuel and they have a two stroke engine. They are usually very fast especially off the track.
  • On-road RC trucks: these trucks are designed to run on smooth surfaces like inside homes, tarmacs and pavements. They are also very easy to use.
  • Electric RC trucks: they run much softer and quieter than the other types of RC trucks because they offer a variety of engine types that one can choose from. For beginners this type serves them best.
  • Build your own RC truck: they come in different parts and they require the user to assemble them with the help of a manual. They offer more flexibility than the other type of trucks.
RC trucks
Best Brands

There are many manufacturers that produce these trucks but they differ from price ranges, type of trucks and specialization in the trucks that they manufacture.

  • Traxxas: this company was founded in 1986 and it manufactures fully assembled trucks. They specialize in ready to run trucks which are of high quality.
  • HPI: formed in the 1980s, this brand strands out from the rest because of the level of creativity in their designs of the trucks.
  • LOSI: they develop trucks that are easier to use and are best for beginners. This factor makes them stand out from their competitors as they also have a wide selection of fuels, accessories and tools.
  • Duratrax: this company produces awesome trucks of high quality. The trucks are of speed and mostly designed to withstand the tough conditions.
  • Team Associated: this Company dates back to the sixties so they are far more the most experienced of all of them. They manufacture trucks which create great thrill to its users.
Upgrades and maintenance

Different trucks have different levels of maintenance and so when choosing an rc truck,it is best to go for one that can be easily maintained. Its parts should be easily available in the market and also in the case of build your own trucks, it is best to choose a truck that is easily upgradable.


It is important to know how much you want to spend on an RC truck. The cheaper the truck the more money one will use in maintain it and replacing its parts. There are also used trucks that are sold and some maybe in bad conditions and some in good conditions.

The more the truck costs in the market the more reliable and durable it will be because you will always get what you paying for.

electric rc trucks
Speed and battery

Many trucks use batteries that are rechargeable or replaceable and it is best to go for those trucks with batteries with a long lasting life and those that the shortest time to recharge.

Electric and gas powered trucks have lots of speed but nitro trucks are usually the fastest. This is because the nitro fuel in them gives them a boost to take off faster than other trucks.


It is also important to consider the size of the truck which fits to your liking. Big RC trucks tend to be slower but more stable and work well in tough conditions. Small trucks are very fast and best suited for racing.


When it comes to the choice of RC trucks, it’s important that you consider the amount of speed, battery, types available to you as well as upgrades and maintenance. A basic understanding of the best brands and models also helps narrow down the choices by demonstrating what the ultimate RC truck experience looks and feels like.

best rc truck

We hope this guide helps you find that one truck with all the qualities you want. Got any suggestions or experiences? Share them with RC enthusiasts like you in the comment section below.

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