Getting started in the world of RC vehicles can be the beginning of a lifelong hobby that is immensely enjoyable and fun. Regardless of your skill level, budget requirements or other RC car/truck needs, purchasing well known brands is a great way of ensuring that what you take home is quality and designed to power through tough terrains.

One such company is Team Energy. They are quickly gaining traction in the world of remote control driving and understandably so. The company is known for powerful remote control cars that maintain top speeds in the roughest terrains.

In addition, Team Energy cars and trucks are designed to provide great performance with superior suspension systems, various tuning options, and even waterproof electric components. Most of the come ready to run so that you can begin racing immediately without worrying about additional purchases.

A List Of The Best Energy Team RC Cars And Trucks

ImageProduct NameFeatureFeaturePriceRating
RC Remote Control Radio Car Team Energy T8XFully Waterproof Electric ComponentsTuning Options Galore$$$
Team Energy G8X 1/8 ScaleAffordable And LightweightGreat For Club Level Racing As Well As Bashing$$$
Team Energy D10SC 1/10th ScaleVery TunableFast On The 4S LiPo Pack$$$
Team Energy X10DR Belt Drive Pro Drift CarDual Belt DesignHop Ups Available$$$
Team Energy V8SC 1/8th ScaleTop Speed Of 34mphDurable Construction$$$

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Reviews of the Best Team Energy RC Cars and Trucks

Team Energy T8X 1/8 Brushless Buggy

RC Remote Control Radio Car Team Energy T8X

Team Energy certainly goes all out when it comes to provision of the best RC vehicles and the T8X 1/8 Brushless Buggy is no exception. This is built off of the incredibly popular G8X nitro buggy and is LiPo powered. It boasts tuning options that are only found in high-end RC vehicles. This buggy also comes with a 2400Kv 36×74 mm big block motor that provides plenty of torque as well as speed to handle the rough terrains efficiently just fine.

Rc Car

The T8X Brushless Buggy shares the same design of the G8X and can be tuned to your taste by changing oil in the differential. A steel drive train helps transfer power from the gears to the shafts and then into stub axles. Also featured are sway bars as well as big bore shocks, both of which do a good job of keeping the front and rear of the T8X in place through all kinds of terrain.

Being a ready to run (RTR) model, you can rest assured that comes with everything you need to get started immediately. This includes the AA batteries for the GT3X transmitter as well as LiPo charger for the included 4S pack.

Almost all of the components come in shiny gold including the front and rear chassis braces, the chassis itself, cooling case for the motor, shock motors, shock bodies and motor mount. The wheel hexes, servo saver tensioner and nuts have an anodized blue color, which complements the gold quite well.

What We Like:

  • Fully waterproof electric components
  • Tuning options galore
  • 4S LiPo battery included
  • Plenty of gold anodized alloy

What We Don’t Like:

  • Non-captured hinge pins

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Team Energy G8X Nitro Buggy

Team Energy G8X

One of the best features of the G8X is that it comes with an excellent suspension setup that can be tuned easily. This comes in handy when experimenting with different setups. The plastic pre-load chips on the shocks are threaded aluminum all round and are substantial in size, about 16mm bore. This allows them to work in the roughest of conditions.

Sway bars at the front and rear allow for superior stability and balance on the track. The shock towers are designed in such a way that they keep the center of gravity low with multiple shock mounting positions. The dirt guards and shock protectors help keep the shocks as well as rear arms from getting messy.

best rc trucks

The servo saver is mated with a waterproof servo that’s capable of more than 180 ounces of torque. In addition, the toe angles are adjusted with steel turnbuckles which are included in the package. Being a nitro vehicle, it is no surprise that this buggy comes with a SH .21 engine that powers it via a 3-shoe clutch. The three differentials are gear types that can be tuned with different fluids. The G8X uses 17mm style wheel adapters, meaning that any aftermarket wheel will bolt on it without any issues.

The included Dimension GT3X 2.4GHz radio system contains an LCD screen that feels like what you’d get for higher prices. It feels nice against your hands and is lightweight, which is incredibly important on those gaming day. In addition, it is a 3-channel radio that provides high-end features like exponential and channel mixing. The body is very streamlined with a great paint scheme, making it look posh.

What We Like:

  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Great for club level racing as well as bashing
  • Plenty of power on the stock engine

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not 100% waterproof

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Team Energy D10SC RC Car

Team Energy D10SC 

The Team Energy D10SC is one hell of a remote control car that is designed to jump far and high, throw massive rooster tails as well as take on tough tumbles. You will love running it on the included 4S LiPo pack especially if you are an experienced user.

For new hobbyists, the 2S or 3S will provide a good opportunity to learn. The foundation of this car is a gold anodized aluminum chassis that is 3mm thick. It features three chassis braces that help minimize front to rear flex. In addition, either side of the chassis is fitted with angular nerf bars to help minimize damage in the event of a side collision.

remote car

The steering system features a metal geared ND1015 servo, which is plenty quick, as well as a 15kg torque that pushes the tires from side to side. There is an aluminum servo horn that connects a dual bell crank to the adjustable turnbuckle. The drive train on this RC vehicle features fluid-filled front, center as well as rear gear differentials.

Another notable feature of the D10SC is the top notch electronics package. It includes waterproof 100A brushless ESC that is fully programmable and sourced from Hobby Wing. Also featured is a cooling fan that keeps everything running smoothly efficiently and which is connected to the battery with a high current connector.

What We Like:

  • Very tunable
  • Fast on the 4S LiPo pack
  • GT3X with ample features
  • Aggressive tread pattern on the tires
  • Heat sink that keeps the motor cool

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some front end binding

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Team Energy X10DR Belt Drive Pro Drift Car

Team Energy X10DR

The Team Energy X10DR Belt Drive Pro Drift Car from Nitro RCX is a performance RC vehicle and not the average plastic RTR. It features plenty of shiny alloy parts including a front on-way differential as well as threaded shocks. It also comes with a potent 3300Kv motor that delivers all the power you need when racing on any terrain. The super slick tires, tuning options and optional sway bars further sweeten the experience of driving this drift car.

Perhaps the best thing about this vehicle is the drive train. It features a dual belt design, which provides smooth power for holding clean lines while driving. There is also a front one-way differential as well as a locked differential in the rear.

electric rc cars

The latter is a little hard to accelerate but ensures that the vehicle stays in a straight line while drifting. The front diff provides consistent power to the front wheels while ensuring that the front end stays planted.

The suspension system features threaded alloy shocks that not only look great, but also keep the car firmly planted on the ground. The three tower mounting positions in the front and rear are more than enough when it comes to tuning. Each arm features a droop screw that helps with tuning as well. The package includes a Dimension GT3X transmitter that provides plenty of tuning options, like what you’d find on high-end cars.

What We Like:

  • Dual belt design
  • Hop ups available
  • Front one way differential
  • Loads of alloy parts shock

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks gear cover to protect the spur

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Team Energy V8SC 1/10th Scale Brushless RC Car

Team Energy V8SC

The V8SC is an all new 1/10 scale racing car that comes with a long list of performance features. It is designed to be burly and handle the worst terrains while maintaining top speeds. The suspension system and controls handle like a precision missile, which is quite important in the world of remote control vehicles.

Being a ready to run short course truck, you can rest assured that you can take it to the tracks for top-level racing competitions. The body has a futuristic style and you will certainly love the pre-installed vertical stabilizing fins installed in the rear. The underside features pre-molded tracings for vent holes.

What We Like:

  • Top speed of 34mph
  • Durable construction
  • Great handling
  • Suspension system is one of the best

What We Don’t Like:

  • Replacement shell is not available

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The world of remote control vehicles is a vast one where hundreds of brands claim to provide the best. And while many of them never deliver on their promises, there are a few that make it their mission to impress customers with impressive products. Team Energy has proved to be one such brand with several RC cars and trucks to its credit.