With the invention of cars, man has found considerable uses for them. Gone are the days when they were simply used as a medium for reaching point A to B. Over time man has figured out that the same cars can be utilized as a souRCe or tool for not only entertainment, but also for income purposes.

This shift in paradigm has resulted in man using cars on the race tracks. RC trucks and RC cars enthusiasts find insatiable feeling with individuals seeking the advantages of one over the other.

An RC car is a battery-gas powered model car that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote used on road surfaces.

An RC truck is also controlled from a distance by a remote but designed for all terrain purposes.

Often experts and beginners ask the big question which is better the RC car or the RC truck. Now we get a chance to evaluate them and hopefully come up an answer. There are several advantages that come with owning an RC vehicle including:

  • It is a great way of having an outdoor adventure with family and friends.
  • It brings out the thrill in many people especially for lovers of speed and racing.
  • They are an excellent  introduction to having them as a hobby
  • They are a great tool for competition among people as it can have many users.
  • They tend to relieve stress.
  • Since they come in different shapes and sizes, you are free to select your favorite model for use.

Types of RC Cars and Trucks

RC cars and trucks come in various types depending on the surface that they run on, their structure and the fuel that they use. They are categorized as follows:

Power: Electric and Nitro

RC vehicles that use electricity come with a charger, an inbuilt battery (sometimes detachable) and a motor. They are easier to maintain and quiet

Nitro powered ones have a booster connected to their engines. They have super speed, and in some, they have the ability to emit smoke and fumes.

Style: On road and Off Road

Most of the on-road RC vehicles resemble the full-size touring cars. They are the ones that run on smooth surfaces and inside homes or pavements. Also, they are fast and make the best gifts for children.

remote car

Off-road, radio controlled vehicles are a little bit more complicated. They have long suspensions built for the dirt and rough surfaces. They are unique in their designs which make them fit to tackle rough terrain. RC trucks are best for off roading.

Kit: RTR and Build your Own Truck

For ready to run (RTR) RC vehicles, it comes with all its parts and accessories intact upon purchase. They are pre-assembled and thus save time for the user. They make the perfect tool for beginners, especially since they are easy to use.

“Building your own” vehicles, come in different parts. It requires the user to assemble them upon delivery. It comes with instructions that the user has to follow to build the vehicle. It can be complicated but offers more flexibility because parts can be purchased from different brands. RC trucks make the best “build your own” because of their uniqueness.

What makes RC Cars and Trucks Similar?

Being remote controlled vehicles, RC cars and trucks have a few similarities including:

  • They both can be controlled from a distance using specialized transmitters and remotes. The radio frequency link is set up in a way the transmission comes directly from remote to the transmitter that is in the RC vehicle.
  • They can be repaired and are easy to maintain. This means in case of any broken parts they can be replaced. For example the build your own RC trucks and cars can have their broken down parts changed for other good ones.
  • They have the ability to be modified with optional parts. This makes them faster, stronger and even changes their appearance to your liking. For example, nitro boosters can be added to a regular electric RC car.
  • They are battery and gas powered. All of them have batteries that allow them to be charged so that they can also be used in places that are far from where there is electricity. They have fuel pods which power them in case the battery runs dry.
  • They are both durable. The structure and use allow them to serve for longer periods. This means they are long lasting and thus can be enjoyed for a period of time.
  • They have great speed. RC trucks and cars are faster depending on the terrain that they are run on. For the trucks, they are faster on off-road and rough terrains,and the cars are faster on smooth surfaces.

What makes RC Cars and Trucks different?

The two sets of radio-controlled machines also have big (noticeable and unnoticeable) differences. They consist of the following:

  • RC cars need a paved surface like on carpets, inside homes, and tarmacs. RC trucks can run on any surface but are at home on the dirt, rough terrains, irregular surfaces and grassy backyards.
  • RC cars hit high speed because of their small structure design while RC trucks cannot achieve high speed. This is because they tend to overturn on the rough surfaces. This makes RC cars best for racing and competitions.
  • Compared to RC trucks, the RC cars have small or no shocks because they run on the smooth surface. The trucks bear heavy shocks to be able to sustain the uneven path
  • RC cars have minimal suspensions in their make-up. This is because they meet minimal resistance when driven compared to RC trucks. The trucks have high suspensions which differ depending on the size of the truck.
  • RC trucks tend to be complicated because most of them are unique in design while RC cars are known for their simplicity in design.
  • RC cars are basically light in weight because they do not have many parts in them. This is in contrast with RC trucks as they are heavy to be able to sustain the dirt.
  • Although it’s not a big difference, but RC trucks come off to many as hard to maintain than RC cars. This is because after using them on the dirt they require washing before returning them to the place of storage.
Research has it that since people have different taste and preference, it is best to look at the advantages and disadvantage of each set of the radio controlled vehicle.

Pros of RC Cars

  • They are easy to use because most of them come pre-assembled.
  • They are built for on-road surfaces. They can be driven on the streets, pavements, inside homes and compounds.
  • They are fast on the track.
  • They can be powered by various souRCes of fuel like gas, electricity, and batteries.
  • They make the best gifts for children during Christmas and other holidays.

Cons of RC Cars

  • They do not work well on rough surfaces as they tend to go slower and overturn.
  • There are some cases whereby when they collide with a hard surface they easily break.
  • They have monotony in their design as they are mostly for racing.

Pros of RC Trucks.

  • Most of them are unique in design.
  • They are built for rough surfaces and dirt roads.
  • They can also run perfectly on smooth surfaces.
  • They have high suspensions which makes them big in size. This gives them stability when being used.
  • RC trucks have the ability to take a lot collisions and survive jumps that would crash other RC vehicles.

Cons of RC Trucks.

  • They are a little bit heavy and therefore tend to be slow on the track.
  • With their complicated structure, they come off as hard to maintain because they require a lot of care.
  • It may prove as a challenge especially to beginners.


Rc Cars

Having reviewed the good and the bad of the RC trucks and cars in this article, it is safe to say that only the user can determine the best tool to serve their purpose. They offer fun time and adventures whenever used.as we have seen, they can turn a hobby into a career just by controlling them.

This step of an invention in the radio-controlled vehicles will always leave us wondering between the RC truck and the RC car which one is the victor. In spite of the type of RC vehicle used, one can be sure that they will get maximum satisfaction from this machines. They will serve you for the intended period and even in rare cases hand it over to the future off-spring to use.