The inquisitive mind of man will never rest until he discovers what lies among the stars. As a way to learn the secrets of the night sky, he has built a gigantic telescopes that brings the stars closer to earth. But for a fully functional system, there are some vital elements that you need to take into account when embarking on your astronomical journey.

The first step is investing in a good telescope brand. But even with the mightiest optical gear in hand, without its complementaries, it won’t reach its full potential. For a first time astronomer, here are the top five best telescope accessories you need to invest in for a worthwhile experience.

A List Of The Top 5 Best Telescope Accessories

ImageProduct NameFeatureFeaturePriceRating
Orion 7200 Black 9×50 Achromatic Finder ScopeFits most Orion telescope tubesOffers low magnification for line of sight, locating celestial objects with your telescope$$$
Celestron 93588 Astro Night Vision FlashlightOffers the dimmest illumination to preserve night visionFeather weight$
Dew Not 3″ Dew Heater Strip DN004Keeps your telescope’s temperature above dew pointConsumes less power.$$
Telegizmos 365 Series Cover for 8-9.25″ Fork Mounted Schmidt-Cassegrain T309High grade material with  strong structure for fortified telescope cover experienceFairly priced$$$
Celestron Optical Tube Carrying Case (4/5/6/8 SCT or EdgeHD)Carries a variety of telescope sizesFairly well priced$$$$

Reviews of the Best Telescope Accessories

Orion 7200 Black 9×50 Achromatic Finder Scope

Orion 7200 Black 9x50 Achromatic Finder Scope

Any experienced astronomer will over emphasize the need of a finder scope. This small auxiliary telescope enlarges your field of view while helping you with terrestrial and celestial object location.

When buying a finder scope, buy one with a magnification of 9x and above that comes with at least 50mm objective diameter. Such finders will allow enough illumination needed when locating terrestrial objects.


An excellent finder scope that meets this specification is the Orion 7200 Black 9×50 Achromatic Finder Scope. Its 9×50 magnification power supplements your powerful telescope optics when aligned in the same direction. Together with its inverted 5.5 degree field of view and overlaid crosshair, you can see faint objects that other less powerful finders cannot see at all.

This finder scope comes in a glossy black finish. Included also is an cast-aluminum bracket that fits most Orion telescopes. This mounting bracket comes with a dovetail base that holds tight when screwed on to your telescope. Unfortunately this finder scope won’t fit a curve based telescope.

  • Fits most Orion telescope tubes
  • Offers low magnification for line of sight, locating celestial objects with your telescope
  • Quite affordable
  • Lacks dust caps that protect the lens from fingerprints and dirt
  • Dovetail base is sold separately
  • Fits mostly Orion telescope that feature dovetail base


This large finder scope is appropriate if planning on viewing fainter terrestrial objects with your telescope. It makes a good supplement for the Orion telescope brand. Though it lacks some important items such as lens caps, it makes up with its brighter illumination and larger field of view. Overall, the Orion 7200 9×50 is a good investment for your telescope alignment capabilities.Read Amazon reviews

Celestron 93588 Astro Night Vision Flashlight

Celestron 93588 Astro Night Vision Flashlight

Illumination is important for astronomers who prefer using star charts when studying the sky. The most advocated light would be a dim red light that least affects your night vision adaptation. For amateur astronomers, begin by purchasing a night vision flashlight that features adjustable brightness. But as you advance, you may want to invest in a non-illuminated magnifier. You will realise that even the slightest illumination blinds your night vision.

A good beginner flashlight is the Celestron 93588 Astro night vision. This lighting systems uses two red LED’s to maintain night vision better than other red filters. Its brightness level is adjustable for the faintest illumination. The flashlight only requires a 9 volt single battery to function.

  • Offers the dimmest illumination to preserve night vision
  • Feather weight
  • Affordable
  • Consumes less power
  • Suitable for beginner astronomer
  • Not a magnifier


Celestron 93588 Astro Night Vision Flashlight is adapted for the inexperience astronomer still learning his way around night sky observation. It offers the dimmest illumination that does not interfere with your night vision. For its category, it is fairly priced. Overall it is an excellent accessory for your telescope experience.Read Amazon reviews

Dew Not 3″ Dew Heater Strip DN004

Dew Not 3

Dew tends to fall on your scope when temperatures fall below dew point. The most victimized telescope is the Schmidt-Cassegrains. You may try investing in a dew shield. However, this will not prevent dew from forming when in harsh conditions. The best mechanism would be investing in dew removal systems that maintains your telescope’s optics temperatures above dew point.


Kendrick’s Dew Not 3” Dew Heater Strip DN004 is the most sought after dew removal system currently on the market. This is a US made thick film heater, appropriate for 3 inch telescopes. It relies on a 12 volt battery to run.

Unlike wired heaters, the Dew Not DN004 features a 66% surface heat emission that ensures even distribution of heat. The dew removal system is covered by foam insulation on its exterior for maximum functionality.

This 13 inch heater strip also features a Velcro closure for secure fit and flexibility. The dew system also comes with a 6 inch RCA jack mold cord. Bottomline; it is a reliable dew removal systems.

  • Keeps your telescope’s temperature above dew point
  • Consumes less power.
  • Covers 3-inch telescopes
  • Fairly priced
  • High customer satisfaction remarks
  • Cannot be used on telescopes above 3inches


Kendrick is a renowned company best known for its excellent dew removal systems. Its Dew Not DN004 line is an exquisite tape heater that keeps dew away from your telescope. It is ideal for 3 inch telescopes. For a tape heater of its caliber, it costs less than it should. Though plagued with some minor defects, it is a better option to a wired heating system for your telescope.Read Amazon reviews

TeleGizmos 365  Protective scope covers

Telegizmos 365 Series Cover for 8-9.25

Mother Nature tends to be harsh on your telescope if not shielded from her elements. During summer and spring several dust storms occur in various parts across the country. When such occurrences happen, you need to shelter your telescope properly to prevent it from harm’s way.

A good place to start would be investing in a protective telescope cover. It shields your scope from harmful sun rays and harsh rain. It is essential for telescopes that are mounted outside.

The most sought brand is the TeleGizom that produces line ups of high quality outdoor telescope covers. These covers shield your scope from harsh sunrays, rain and dust accumulation. They come in two levels of weather resistance covers. These include the standard solar scope covers and the extended exposure covers.

best telescope for kids

The standard solar scope covers are designed for short-term scope protection needs. These covers feature an aluminized multi-layered polyethylene that is light and puncture and tear proof. This material was initially designed for NASA as a spacecraft insulator. It can be washed when necessary.

The aluminum surface reflects light away from the scope while its waterproof feature keeps moisture from condensing during night. This bag like cover holds securely to your telescope by closing the built-in drawstrings.

The extended exposure covers use a all-weatherproof material. They are the best choice for telescope covers as they withstand the harshest weather elements. However, they tend to cost more than the standard solar telescope covers.

  • High grade material with  strong structure for fortified telescope cover experience
  • Fairly priced
  • Waterproof, fogproof
  • Excellent sunshade
  • Tested by professionals
  • Covers a variety of telescope brands
  • One year limited warranty
  • Does not offer a 100% protection for your telescope. It is wise to invest In a telescope case that can hold your scope when not in use.


TeleGizmos 365 protective scope covers are ultimately the best covers in the market. They shield your scope from all kinds of weather elements. Read Amazon reviews

Celestron Optical Tube Carrying Case

Celestron Optical Tube Carrying Case (4/5/6/8 SCT or EdgeHD)

A telescope is a highly sensitive optical piece of equipment that needs to be handled with care. Its eyepieces and filters if not taken care off, can build dust, dents and fingerprints. A telescope carry case will help you keep your scope safe, secure and easy to transport. Most individuals prefer investing in a foam-padded case that is shock proof. These telescope cases come in different structures and finishes but with one common goal; to shield your scope.

A sturdy case with high quality material will protect you telescope from all kinds of random accidents. You can never be to safe.

Telescope side

One such quality case is the Celestron Optical Tube carrying case. It features a hard protective shell that is EVA molded for better shielding. This case also features an extra storage zipper pocket that holds all of your scopes essentials and can extend for a larger carrying capacity. The 21 x 13 x 15 inches casing comes with dense foam spacers with built-in compression straps structured for a customized telescope carrying experience. Its nylon handle makes transportation easy.

  • Carries a variety of telescope sizes
  • Fairly well priced
  • Extra storage room
  • Sturdy casing
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Some consumers find its price to be higher compared to other telescope cases.


Celestron Optical Tube carrying case is an excellent case that shields your telescope from all kinds of harm. It is easy to carry and accommodates different kinds of telescopes.Read Amazon reviews

Final words

Telescope accessories elevate your astronomy experience. Finding the right gear is definitely worthwhile. With these five telescope accessories, you are set for your next astronomical adventure. Feel free to get any the highlighted items in this review.